How Much Does Commercial Window Cleaning Cost?

No matter what type of commercial business you are, the cleanliness of your property can affect the perception customers have of your company. Windows are one of the first things people see as they enter your business – making their pristineness all the more important! 

If you’re considering hiring a commercial window cleaning company to clean your building’s windows, great! The question is, how much does commercial window cleaning cost

While we can't give you an exact number without knowing the size of your building, our janitorial cleaners in the Bay Area explain what can impact the cost of window cleaning services here.

What Is Commercial Window Cleaning?

First of all, what is commercial window cleaning? And what does it include? 

Commercial window cleaning consists of cleaning the indoor and outdoor windows of various business properties, including

  • Office buildings and financial institutions
  • Medical offices
  • Schools and educational facilities
  • SIndustrial warehouses

Window cleaners will show up at your business with the supplies and equipment they need to get the job done! Commercial window cleaning services ensure your windows are properly cleaned, without any harm to the building or anyone inside. 

Unified Janitorial Services offers a variety of professional janitorial services, though we don’t accept individual window cleaning jobs. Nevertheless, we’ll take care of your windows and floors as part of our daily or nightly janitorial services, eliminating the cost of separate window cleaning services!

How Much Does Commercial Window Cleaning Cost?

The cost of commercial window cleaning depends on a few factors, such as window size and building location. While we can't tell you exactly how much commercial window cleaning would cost for your business without knowing all the details, there are a few general things that impact the price of a job. 

That said, not all cleaners price their services the same way, so ask for details before booking.

5 Factors That Affect the Cost of Commercial Window Cleaning

1. Number of Windows

The number of windows your building has the most significant impact on the cost of cleaning services. While pricing can vary, as some companies charge by the hour while others charge per window, you can usually estimate how much window cleaning will cost by knowing how many windows your building has. 

Of course, the more windows you have, the longer they’re going to take to clean. Some companies may charge more depending on the degree of labor needed.

2. Building Design

The number of windows aside, how large your building’s windows are can also affect commercial window cleaning costs. Additionally, it’s more difficult to clean windows that are concave or on the side of a building. If windows are split by multiple panes instead of being a single panel, the job may take longer to complete


Each of these potential challenges may increase the price of window cleaning services. 

3. Number of Floors

The taller your commercial building is, the more you can expect to pay for window cleaning. In many cases, multi-story buildings require specialized equipment, such as glass scrapers and water-fed poles to clean exterior windows. 

These tools can be dangerous if used incorrectly, and hiring professionals trained to use them typically comes with a higher price tag. If your building is considered a mid-rise or high-rise, you can expect to pay more for any work done above the third floor due to safety risks.

4. Type of Commercial Property

Different industries have unique cleaning needs, which impacts their window washing costs. Some buildings, like medical facilities, have strict regulations and require regular cleaning.

For instance, a doctor’s or surgical center will need window cleaning and disinfection services much more often than industrial warehouses

You’ll also want to consider your clientele and the number of people entering your building daily. As you’d expect, businesses with higher traffic usually demand more frequent window cleaning than those with fewer visitors.

5. Building Location

Where your business is physically located can affect how often your windows need to be cleaned, influencing the cost of window cleaning over time. 

For example, buildings near a highway may need exterior window cleaning more frequently due to air pollution. If your property is surrounded by trees, you may need regular window cleaning – especially during allergy season! 

Climate can also influence the frequency of window cleaning. Warmer climates, like California, don’t have to worry as much about rain or snow, both of which can have a considerable effect on the cleanliness of your windows.

What Are the Benefits of Commercial Window Cleaning?

Not only can pristine windows affect your employee’s performance in the workplace, but they can also contribute to a professional image. 

A few benefits of commercial window cleaning services include

  • Clean windows last longer - Windows tend to deteriorate after years of being exposed to harsh pollutants and weather conditions. Commercial cleaners can extend the life of your windows, reducing the likelihood of having to replace them!


  • Safer window cleaning- Window cleaners use specialized tools and equipment to keep your property looking its best. They also have the proper training to safely complete the job without causing harm to customers or employees.


  • Improve your building’s appearance - Window cleaning services ensure your windows are as clean as possible. Not only does this let more natural light in, but it also improves your building’s curb appeal.


  • Cost-effective - Regular window cleaning services may not seem like the most economical option, but it means employees won’t have to spend time cleaning your windows. Hiring window cleaners takes this added stress off your staff, so they have more time to focus on their work. It can also prevent windows from being damaged during cleaning, saving you money on repairs.

Commercial Window Cleaning in the Bay Area

With over 25 years of experience, we’ve worked with clients across all types of industries, from office buildings to educational facilities

While we don’t accept individual window cleaning jobs (commercial window cleaning is included as part of our routine janitorial services), we proudly serve the entire Bay Area. 

Whether your business is located in Santa Clara, Monterey, San Benito, or Santa Cruz, CA, we’re here to support you! 

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