What Is Commercial Window Cleaning?

From retail stores to multi-building offices, commercial window cleaning takes practice and professional equipment. But what is commercial window cleaning? And what are the benefits of employing a commercial window cleaning company? Our janitorial cleaners in the Bay Area are here to answer your questions.

Learn more about commercial window cleaning and what it includes here.

What is Commercial Window Cleaning?

Commercial window cleaning is the process of cleaning a commercial building’s indoor and outdoor windows; This includes properties such as office buildings, schools, medical facilities, banks, and industrial warehouses

Whether a window is discolored with dirt or has handprints left behind from employees and customers, commercial window cleaning ensures your windows are washed, without any damage to your property or others.

What Does Commercial Window Cleaning Include?

Commercial window cleaning is personalized for all properties, large or small. Window cleaners will show up to your business with the products and equipment they need, so there’s no need to provide cleaning supplies. 

Most commercial window cleaning processes include

  1. Dusting windows to remove cobwebs and loose dirt.
  2. Wetting indoor and outdoor windows with a spray bottle or water-fed pole system to eliminate stains and dirt.
  3. Wiping windows in long, overlapping strokes, while paying attention to edges and corners. A sponge is also used to wipe the squeegee or rubber blade after each stroke.
  4. Drying window edges and corners to prevent water streaks.

How To Prepare For Commercial Window Cleaning

To prepare for commercial window cleaning, make sure all windows are accessible and blinds are pulled up. You’ll also need to clear the areas around all interior and exterior windows, including personal belongings, delicate items, and decorations.

How Often Should Windows be Cleaned?

All entryway windows, inside and out, should be cleaned as part of your routine janitorial cleaning program. Cleaning windows daily or weekly will help to create a professional image for your commercial building. 

The rest of the building is a matter of personal preference. Factors that influence how often you should clean your commercial property’s windows include the climate you live in and whether or not windows are evident to customers or clients. In warm climates like California, windows can be cleaned monthly, depending on the type of business.

What Are the Benefits of Commercial Window Cleaning?

While every business has unique window cleaning needs, here are a few benefits of keeping your windows clean

  • Clean windows last longer - Commercial windows can deteriorate after years of being exposed to pollutants, weather conditions, and build-up. Regular cleaning can lengthen the life of your windows, reducing the inconvenience of replacing them.
  • Allows the sun to help warm the building in cold months - Windows that draw in natural sunlight can reduce heating costs and enhance the look and feel of a space. Commercial windows without cracks or fractures will also help to keep cold air out of your building.
  • Improve the building’s appearance inside and out - Regular cleaning products are ideal for light maintenance, but they’re not the best for a deep clean. Professional window cleaners employ dedicated tools and products for window sill, screen, and frame washing.

Commercial window cleaning ensures your windows are cleaned with the most effective cleaning products and tools without compromising the welfare of customers and clients.

How Much Does Commercial Window Cleaning Cost?

The cost of commercial window cleaning is determined by a few factors, such as window size, building location, and the presence of build-up or mineral deposits. Not all window cleaning companies will include these factors in their cost, but it’s best to ask for pricing details beforehand.

Commercial Window Cleaning in the Bay Area

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