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With a large staff and countless visitors, commercial buildings see a lot of traffic in a day. From constant foot traffic to employees touching dozens of objects throughout the workday, you shouldn’t underestimate the importance of having a day porter for your business. 

Unified Janitorial Services is pleased to offer day porter services as part of our commercial janitorial cleaning options. Our locally-owned and operated business is well-staffed and prepared to meet your professional cleaning needs at a moment’s notice.

Here’s what our day porter services include.

What Are Day Porter Services?

Day porters are responsible for keeping commercial workplaces clean and professional-looking. From schools to office buildings and banks, we ensure any high-traffic, public areas stay well maintained. Day porter services are performed routinely before you and your employees have gone home for the day. 

At Unified Janitorial Services, our cleaning programs are customized to each client. We’ll also account for the size of the building and the type of industry, taking any special considerations needed. 

Our talented staff is fully trained when they join our team and can meet your schedule requirements — whether you need part or full-time cleaning.

What Do Day Porter Services Include?

No matter the size of your building, Unified Janitorial Services provides day porter services for all of your janitorial cleaning needs, including:

  • Responding to urgent spills and messes
  • General building upkeep (sweeping, vacuuming, etc.)
  • Upkeep entrances, hallways, and lobbies
  • Bathroom upkeep (scrubbing toilets, refilling soaps and dispensers, mopping floors, etc.)
  • Tidying common area tables and stands
  • Meeting setup and tear down
  • Removal of safety hazards in high-traffic and common areas
  • Window cleaning services
  • Disinfecting high-touch points like door handles and countertops 
  • Trash removal
  • Light maintenance duties

We Provide All of the Cleaning Products

We will bring everything we need to ensure a great clean, so you never have to worry about providing cleaning supplies. We can also use green cleaning products upon client request. 

Our day porters will show up with everything they need, however often you want! 

In addition to our standard cleaning, marble or stone polishing and carpet cleaning can also be provided.


"I love that I can call them 24/7 to address any needs or last-minute requests."

—Jason Wilson | Broadcom Solutions, Inc. San Jose, CA

"They handle all of our building needs like carpets & floors, as well as doing a great job with the nightly cleaning."

—Yolanda Herrera | All Bay Mechanical
San Jose, CA

Benefits of Day Porter Services

A day porter can be a fantastic addition to your business — whether you work in an industrial warehouse or a school.

Here are a few benefits of day porter services:

  • Flexibility and scheduling availability - Day porters arrive when you need them and can get to tasks right away. Like our daily and nightly janitorial services, we offer daily, weekly or monthly cleaning as well as 24/7 availability.
  • Increase workplace productivity - A day porter will keep your building clean, so you and your employees can devote more time to business operations. You’ll never have to worry about spills or messes stopping you from what you’re doing. 
  • Make a better first impression - You only get one crack at a first impression. Day porters will clean and disinfect your building’s common areas, impressing customers and employees alike.

Day Porter in the Bay Area and Central Coast

Does your facility need a day porter? Contact Unified Janitorial Services today! For over two decades, we’ve proudly served the Bay Area and Central Coast. Our services span from Monterey and San Benito counties down to Santa Cruz and Santa Clara

Call 831-229-9120 or fill out the contact form to customize your day porter services program.

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