5 Reasons to Hire Medical Office Cleaning Services

Cleanliness is vitally important in medical offices — not only for first impressions but for the health and safety of your patients. Due to the sometimes-unsanitary nature of these facilities, commercial cleaning is a necessity. 

Here are five reasons to hire medical office cleaning services for your business.

Why Is Medical Office Cleaning Important?

1. Maintains a Professional Appearance

Like any other business, appearances matter in the medical industry. An unclean office could send patients running out the door, even if you provide top-notch care. 

Working with professional cleaners ensures sanitization methods are followed, helping you keep a tidy, organized, and fresh environment that instills confidence in your patients.

2. Ensures Consistent Cleaning

Medical offices see a lot of traffic, meaning an increased presence of germs. Hiring a professional janitorial company ensures your property is regularly disinfected on a daily, weekly, or monthly routine depending on the needs of your business. 

You’ll also receive a team of cleaners trained and experienced to sterilize your facility according to industry standards.

3. Frees Up Your Staff Members

Keeping your staff on task is a much better use of time and resources than having them clean your facility. Not to mention, they probably lack the expertise needed to disinfect exam rooms or certain types of medical equipment. 

Professional cleaners have the training and specialized equipment needed to get the job done, allowing your office to work efficiently while maximizing your medical staff’s time

4. Compliance With Industry Standards

Medical offices are required to follow public guidelines. Compliance violations cost people their jobs and could even get your facility shut down if you’re not careful. 

Janitorial cleaners understand you’re under constant scrutiny and can help your business stay in compliance. This way, you’ll avoid expensive fines and prevent the spread of infection among your patients and staff members.

5. Access to Specialized Equipment

Many medical offices require industrial-grade cleaning products and equipment to ensure a great clean. If you want to avoid buying various supplies, which can add up over time, commercial cleaners are the solution you’re looking for. 

Most janitorial cleaning companies work with different healthcare facilities (doctors’ offices, surgical centers, etc.) and understand the difference between cleaning, sanitizing, and disinfecting. For example, at Unified Janitorial Services, we use a sanitizing mist sprayer equipped with an industrial-strength solution that makes it nearly impossible for viruses, bacteria, and other germs to survive on surfaces. 

Professional cleaners have plenty of cleaning supplies, including eco-friendly options to accommodate those sensitive to harsh chemicals.

Medical Office Cleaning Services in the Bay Area and Central Coast

For over two decades, we’ve provided medical office cleaning services to the Bay Area and Central Coast. From Santa Clara to Santa Cruz, Monterey to San Benito, Unified Janitorial Services is proud to be one of Northern California’s most reputable janitorial cleaning companies. 

Call 831-229-9120 or contact us to establish a regular cleaning schedule for your healthcare facility today. 

Author Bio: Jose and Renee Wilson-Perez are the owners of Unified Janitorial Services. For over 25 years, their locally-owned and operated business has provided the Bay Area community with commercial cleaning services for their offices, medical facilities, schools, and much more. From Santa Clara to San Benito, Monterey to Santa Cruz, they’re proud to be one of the Bay Area and Central Coast’s most trusted cleaning providers. Call 831-229-9120 for more information.


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