7 Reasons to Hire a Day Porter for Your Building

Unlike janitorial services that are typically performed before or after hours, day porters provide consistent cleaning throughout the workday. 

Whether you need someone to respond to urgent spills and messes or tidy common areas, a day porter fills the gaps between commercial cleaning services, keeping your office spotless between deep cleanings. 

Here are seven reasons to hire a day porter for your building.

What Is a Day Porter?

Simply put, a day porter’s role is to keep things neat and presentable. While you may hire janitorial cleaners for more involved tasks, like disinfection services, day porters are better for light maintenance and cleaning. 

A day porter's duties vary from day to day, or even by the hour. That said, some of their most common functions include

  • Clean all common areas, including the cafeteria, lobby, break room, etc. 
  • Monitor, clean, and service bathrooms 
  • Respond to major spills or other cleaning needs
  • Remove trash from the main common areas
  • Prepare conference rooms before and after meetings
  • Complete light maintenance duties and repairs

Why You Should Hire a Day Porter

1. Make a Great First Impression

You only get one shot at a first impression, and people are much more concerned about the cleanliness of your building than ever before. Having a day porter helps reassure visitors and employees alike you take their well-being seriously. 

While day or night janitorial cleaning is essential, these efforts may be overlooked. Day porters are on-site during business hours, so everyone can see the cleaning being performed. This also means they can handle tasks that commercial cleaners can’t get to right away.

2. You Can Customize Their Services

Day porters do more than just routine cleaning tasks, and their services can be customized to fit your business’s requirements. You'll choose which jobs are performed regularly as part of your day porter services. You can also specify which areas need more or less focus. 

For instance, you won’t always need your floors mopped or windows cleaned. Professional day porters arrive when you need them, however often you’d like to maintain an organized, fresh environment.

3. Ongoing Maintenance

With a day porter, you won’t have to worry about restocking essentials like toilet paper, paper towels, and soap dispensers. Day porters can also tackle other maintenance tasks like sweeping entryways, removing trash, and even setting up and tearing down after events. 

Finally, day porters can help third-party vendors find their way around your building and supervise their work if needed.

4. Safer Work Environment

From tracked-in rain to slippery sidewalks outside your facility, accidental spills or messes can pose a hazard to staff and clients. A day porter will address these issues quickly and efficiently, so there aren’t any obstacles in your common areas. 

Similarly, day porters will work with your janitorial services to provide ongoing disinfection of high-touch points like door handles and countertops. This ensures a guaranteed level of cleanliness for everyone who enters your facility.

5. Increase Workplace Productivity

With the help of a day porter, you and your employees can devote more time to business operations. 

From cleaning spills to replacing light bulbs, you won’t have to worry about managing cleaning tasks that would be tedious and time-consuming to handle on your own. Day porters also have access to advanced equipment and supplies that you may not have, saving you valuable time and money. 

6. Preventative Maintenance

Another added-value benefit of a day porter is they notify management of any equipment issues that need maintenance. And because they spend so much time in your building, they can alert authorities to any external problems they may witness. 

While they’re not security professionals, the presence of a day porter can make your facility feel more secure and deter anyone from loitering outside your property.

7. Team Players

Your day porter will work regularly with you and your staff. At Unified Janitorial Services, our day porters are trained when they join our team to assimilate into your company culture and always assist when needed. 

Need help rearranging furniture for a meeting? No problem! Does your entryway need extra special upkeep? You get the point – count on your day porter to get the job done! 

To summarize, day porters can quickly become a vital part of your business, as they not only make your life easier but also provide a nice, clean environment every day.

Day Porter in the Bay Area and Central Coast

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Author Bio: Jose and Renee Wilson-Perez are the owners of Unified Janitorial Services. For over 25 years, their locally-owned and operated business has provided the Bay Area community with commercial cleaning services for their offices, medical facilities, schools, and much more. From Santa Clara to San Benito, Monterey to Santa Cruz, they’re proud to be one of the Bay Area and Central Coast’s most trusted cleaning providers. Call 831-229-9120 for more information. 


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