What Is Commercial Cleaning?

Not all cleaning services are created equal. There are two main types of cleaning services: commercial and residential. At Unified Janitorial Services, we specialize in commercial cleaning. But what is commercial cleaning? And what does it include?

We're here to break it down for you.

What Is Commercial Cleaning?

Commercial cleaning is the service that cleaning companies provide when they clean commercial properties. This includes properties such as office buildings, schools, banks, grocery stores, medical facilities, and more!

Most commercial cleaning services are carried out by a highly-trained team who takes care of everything from bathroom maintenance to carpet cleaning and window washing.

What Is the Difference Between Commercial and Residential Cleaning?

There are a few major differences between commercial and residential cleaning services. Mainly, the types of buildings cleaned, the supplies and technology used, and the cleaning processes.

Coverage Area

Commercial cleaning companies only service commercial buildings. While there is a wide range of businesses that fall under commercial cleaning, residential cleaning is a little more cut and dry. Residential cleaning only applies to homes, apartments, townhomes, condos, etc ‒ anything that serves as a private residence.

Cleaning Materials

Residential cleaners aren't held to the high standards and regulations of the commercial cleaning industry. A lot of commercial cleaning companies are trying to become as green as possible while still abiding by the required disinfection standards. 

Residential cleaners, however, can use whatever products they want to, regardless of how harmful they may be to the environment.

Cleaning Processes

It's much easier for an individual to become a residential cleaner, as the space they're cleaning isn't nearly as large as the 10-story office building or large medical facility that requires the help of a commercial cleaning company. Because of this, the quality and methodologies of some residential cleaners aren't on par with high-quality commercial cleaning companies.  

When it comes to commercial cleaning, there are specific standards, insurance, and training required to be able to clean certain types of buildings. For example, properly sanitizing and cleaning a medical facility requires the use of cleaning products that meet the Center for Disease Control's disinfection guidelines. If an individual is just cleaning someone's house, they won't need to meet these high standards. 

Also, residential cleaners aren't required to be insured like commercial cleaners are. This means that if any damage occurred, it would need to come out of your pocket (or theirs). 

At Unified Janitorial Services, we thoroughly vet (and background check!) all employees. Plus, we provide extensive training so you can rest assured knowing that our staff is properly trained! We're also fully bonded and insured!

What Is Included in Commercial Cleaning?

Commercial cleaning services include every aspect of cleaning any type of commercial building. 

This includes

The list above isn't all-inclusive ‒ if there are specific cleaning services unique to your business, we can make sure to take care of it! For example, maybe you only need your windows cleaned once a month, or maybe you run a grocery store and need the refrigerated coolers cleaned out. Whatever it is, we'll work with you to set up a commercial cleaning plan that fits your needs.

What Are the Benefits of Commercial Cleaning?

Your business space is the first impression others have of your company. Whether it's employees reporting to work, clients visiting your office for the first time, or customers shopping at your store, cleanliness is important! 

Some of the top benefits of hiring an experienced commercial cleaning company include

  • A healthy work environment, free of germs and bacteria
  • Improved employee morale (nobody likes to work in a dusty, dirty office!)
  • Professional appearance
  • Save time and money compared to cleaning your building yourself, or having employees clean their own workspace

Why is Commercial Cleaning Important?

If we haven't already conveyed the importance of commercial cleaning, the bottom line is this: professional commercial cleaning services are beneficial for your staff, clients, and customers. A clean, healthy workplace is more important than ever. More importantly, you need to make sure the commercial cleaning company you hire has your best interest in mind, and only employs caring, attentive, and well-trained staff!

High-Quality Commercial Cleaning Services in the Bay Area

Unified Janitorial Services provides the high-end cleaning services of a large company, plus the attention to detail of a local business. If you're interested in commercial cleaning services, contact us today for a free quote!


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