National vs. Local Janitorial Companies

When choosing a janitorial company, one of your first decisions is whether to go with a national or local provider. Both have unique benefits and drawbacks, and the best choice will depend on your particular needs.

If you're torn between national vs. local janitorial companies, we've put together a list of the pros and cons of each. Find out which is better suited for your business here.

Local Janitorial Companies: The Pros

Personalized Service

Small businesses are usually locally-owned and operated, so you'll receive personalized service. The company's owner may also be involved in day-to-day operations, ensuring everything is to your satisfaction.

Because they’re based in the same community as your business, local janitorial companies are more aware of the specific needs of your business. Expect them to be flexible with scheduling and make changes to your cleaning program as needed..

Greater Availability & Response Times

Because local janitorial companies are located in the same community as your business, they can respond quickly and tackle issues that national providers can't resolve immediately.

You're also more likely to receive face-to-face communications, fast responses to your calls and emails, and personal attention to any questions or concerns

Support Your Local Economy

By hiring a local janitorial company, you’re supporting a small business in your community. This can be a great way to give back and help stimulate the local economy.

Local janitorial companies are often familiar with the area and may be able to offer recommendations for other service providers in your neck of the woods. They may also be more competitive in price if they don’t have a larger organization's overhead and administrative costs.

Local Janitorial Companies: The Cons

Limited Resources

Local janitorial companies are exactly that — local. While not always the case, they don't have the same resources as national companies. For instance, a local provider may not have access to specific equipment or be able to handle large-scale cleaning projects as efficiently.

This is a minor deal for most businesses, but it is a difference to note between local and national janitorial companies.

Making Sure the Company Is Legitimate

Most local janitorial companies are legitimate, but some aren't. Remember, if a deal seems too good to be true probably is. That said, you can weed out scammers by checking online reviews.

A Google search will tell you how experienced a local company is based on its rating and reviews. Alternatively, you can check out their website and social media accounts. While there, check out their years of experience and the services they offer. If they have little to zero online presence, such as not having a website, keep looking.

National Janitorial Companies: The Pros

Brand Recognition

A local janitorial company may be known in their immediate area but unheard of in another part of the state.

Most national brands have been in business for many years and have established processes that employees follow. This means you can typically expect a consistent level of services across all their locations.

Wide Coverage

One of the main advantages of national janitorial companies is how widespread they are. A national company can provide standardized cleaning for all your buildings if you operate across several cities or different states.

National Janitorial Companies: The Cons

Lack of Personal Touch

National janitorial companies can't provide the same personal touch and local knowledge as smaller businesses. While they'll do their best to help, remember they're probably juggling thousands of other accounts.

Due to their quick pace, they may be unable to provide the level of assistance you're looking for.

Less Control

Because national providers serve a wide range of clients, their services might not be as customizable. After all, little personal interaction usually means less flexibility.

Additionally, while national companies usually have strict hiring and training processes, they may have less control over the individuals who provide your cleaning services.

Local Janitorial Services in the Bay Area and Central Coast

In summary, local cleaners offer more flexibility and the opportunity to build relationships with your staff members. While national companies are often well-established and have dozens of online reviews, they can't match a local provider's personalized services and knowledge. 

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Author Bio: Jose and Renee Wilson-Perez are the owners of Unified Janitorial Services. For over 25 years, their locally-owned and operated business has provided the Bay Area community with commercial cleaning services for their offices, medical facilities, schools, and much more. From Santa Clara to San Benito, Monterey to Santa Cruz, they’re proud to be one of the Bay Area and Central Coast’s most trusted cleaning providers. Call 831-229-9120 for more information.


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