How Does Commercial Carpet Cleaning Work?

When it comes to commercial cleaning, professional carpet cleaning is one of the most important services. 

Carpets harbor dirt and allergens such as dust, pollen, skin cells, and bacteria. It's important to have your commercial property's carpets cleaned regularly to ensure your employees (and customers!) stay healthy and happy. Plus, stained, run-down carpets don't give the best first impression of your business.

But how does commercial carpet cleaning work? And is it really necessary? Our cleaning experts break it down for you.

Why Do I Need Professional Carpet Cleaning?

Even if your carpets are vacuumed every single day, they won't be completely clean. 

While vacuuming removes surface-level dirt and grime, other tiny particles get trapped deep in the fibers of your building's carpets. Many of these particles are allergens such as dust, pollen, and bacteria. 

Hiring a professional janitorial company to give your carpets a good cleaning removes these potentially harmful particles.

Carpet cleaning still involves vacuuming to clean up superficial dirt ahead of time, and remove any remaining cleaning products post-cleaning, but it goes much deeper than that. It takes professional carpet cleaning to work out the particles trapped under the surface. 

Without commercial carpet cleaning services, a lot of dirt and grime remains built up deep within the carpet's fibers. This can cause carpets to appear dirty even after they're vacuumed, and the build-up of allergens could cause issues with staff and customers, as many people are allergic to the dust, pollen, and bacteria that lurks within most carpets. 

Commercial Carpet Cleaning Methods

While most janitorial services include carpet cleaning, there isn't just one way to have your carpets professionally cleaned. There are a few different carpet cleaning methods, each with its own pros and cons. 

Carpet Shampooing

Carpet shampooing is one of the most long-standing methods of carpet cleaning. While it's a bit of a dated technique, professional cleaning companies still use this method for many carpet cleaning jobs. 

Carpet shampooing works the way it sounds: a foaming cleaning solution is applied to the carpet. Then, it's worked into the carpet with a scrubbing machine — these machines have spinning brushes that work the foam deep into the carpet's fibers. 

Carpet shampooing isn't always the preferred method, as it can take a long time to fully dry. Once the carpet has dried, any remaining dirt or cleaning product is vacuumed up. 

Hot Water Extraction

Hot water extraction, or steam cleaning, is the most commonly used commercial carpet cleaning method. Hot water extraction uses a combination of hot water and cleaning solution to break down dirt and allergens deep within the carpet.

Before the actual steam is used, a cleaning team will scrub cleaning solution into the carpet and let it sit, allowing it to soak into the carpet. Then, a steam cleaner is used to break up and remove dirt. The heat from the steam is better for removing deeply-rooted dirt, allergens, and bacteria than carpet shampooing.

Hot water extraction is considered a more time-consuming method as it also requires time for the carpets to dry, so it's best done overnight or after business hours. 

If you hire a professional cleaner like Unified Janitorial Services, we're available 24/7 and can create a customized, flexible cleaning schedule that works around your business hours. 

Dry Cleaning

As the name suggests, dry cleaning doesn't involve nearly as much water as hot water extraction or carpet shampooing. Dry cleaning carpets is a low-moisture process used in high-traffic areas where carpeting needs to dry fast. 

This method utilizes an absorbent cleaning compound that’s spread all over the carpet. This solution binds to dirt and pollutants trapped in the carpet's fibers, helping to break them down so they can be easily removed. Then, a machine with a spinning pad is used to buff out all of the dirt, giving carpets a fresh, clean appearance. 

While dry cleaning is the fastest carpet cleaning method, which makes it great for commercial cleaning needs, it's not the most effective. Dry cleaning doesn't truly get rid of everything trapped deep within the carpet. 

If you prefer dry cleaning your property's carpets because it is the most convenient option, we still recommend hot water extraction or carpet shampooing at least a couple of times a year. That way, we can keep your carpets as clean as possible!

Spot Removal

While spot removal is mostly used to get rid of any stains on the carpet, it can also be used preventatively! 

Not all commercial cleaning companies do this, but at Unified Janitorial we'll apply a protective treatment to your carpet after it's thoroughly cleaned. This ensures your carpets remain spotless for as long as possible after our cleaning services! 

Commercial Carpet Cleaning FAQs

Commercial Carpet Cleaning in the Bay Area

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