How Do Commercial Cleaning Services Save You Money?

Keeping your business clean & organized is a must for an efficient workspace — and one way to ensure it always looks its best is through professional commercial cleaning services. With experienced janitorial staff on the job, expect regular deep cleans that will not only create a great impression with visitors but may even save you money in the long run!

4 Ways Commercial Cleaning Services Can Save You Money

1. Increase The Lifespan of Carpets and Fixtures

Regular janitorial maintenance and cleaning of a building’s interior are essential for creating a pleasant workspace and avoiding costly malfunctions. 

Over time, if you allow dust to build up, it can clog HVAC systems leading to electrical fires or breakdowns. Irregular care for your carpets can cause warping, stretching, and staining that ruins the aesthetic appeal of your space. Furthermore, improper bathroom cleaning can result in backed-up drains and may cause flooding due to leaks from burst pipes! 

So remember — make sure your workplace doesn't suffer any unnecessary damages by staying vigilant with regular maintenance and upkeep.

Commercial cleaning services are invaluable to keep your office or business looking its best. From dusting and vacuuming surfaces to deeper cleaning of the bathroom sink — they take care of all those little details that can quickly add up if left unattended. Invest in their regular services — it's a simple solution for saving big on expensive equipment replacement!

2. Prevent Illness with Sanitation Services

When it comes to keeping your business safe and healthy, no one does the job like Unified Janitorial Services. Our top-notch staff have been providing reliable commercial cleaning services in California’s Bay Area for over 25 years — that's a lot of hard work! 

Now more than ever before, our skills are essential. We follow all CDC recommendations on keeping infections at bay by thoroughly sanitizing your facility. Are you looking for sanitation services in the Bay Area? Then look no further than Unified Janitorial Service if you want peace of mind about the safety of your staff and visitors. 

Our Disinfection Services Include

  • Industrial Strength Disinfection Products
  • Disinfecting Door Handles, Handrails & Other High-Touch Points
  • Detailed Cleaning of High Traffic Areas like Bathrooms and Floors
  • Sterilization of HVAC Systems
  • Removal of Trash or Other Potentially Contaminated Items

3. Contracting One Company Is Cheaper Than Occasional Hiring

Business owners looking to save money may think they're in the clear by opting out of contracted, regular cleaning services. The best practice to keep your business clean is through daily or nightly janitorial services. However, opting out often backfires and leads to costlier alternatives when dirt and grime build up and require a lengthy deep cleaning. Costs per hour quickly add up with a la carte services, and businesses might pay exorbitant rates to get things back to a clean baseline. 

A contracted cleaning service is the perfect way for businesses to maintain a high level of hygiene and cleanliness without any surprises! Plus, you will work with an experienced company that knows you and your workplace, while enjoying the regularity of their visits. On top of it all, being a loyal client opens up opportunities such as exclusive offers or discounts — providing additional opportunities to keep your space sparkling without breaking your budget.

4. Customer Satisfaction & Appeal

If you're looking for a way to make your business stand out, prioritizing cleanliness is critical! An immaculate lobby and spotless bathrooms are surefire paths to positive customer reviews. Since the onset of the pandemic, people are more attuned to what it looks like when a company considers safety a top priority — avoid creating the wrong impression by keeping up with regular cleaning so customers can walk into an environment they enjoy being in.

Professional janitorial services are essential to ensure that your business consistently offers customers a clean, safe, and professional environment. Commercial cleaning can be tailored to the specific needs of your business, enabling you to show off exactly what you want your clients to see and providing an atmosphere free from dirt and germs. 

Professional janitorial services also allow for more detailed cleaning attention than traditional methods, such as hiring in-house employees to clean or occasionally relying on part-time help.

The Company You Choose Matters

At Unified Janitorial Services, our staff is thoroughly vetted, background-checked, and meticulously trained in all our methods. We used our experience to create replicable cleaning systems that produce great results and excellent customer reviews. We are also often less expensive than other options in the area. Achieving a continually clean environment is easier with the help of experienced, ongoing cleaners who understand the needs of a business like yours.

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Should You Invest In Commercial Cleaning Services?

Professional commercial cleaning offers an excellent long-term investment to craft the initial impression of your company carefully. Cleanliness can mean the difference between a successful and healthy company, inside and out, or a company that leaves a poor impression on visitors. 

Finding professional janitorial services, who value cleanliness and health standards as you do, means that everyone in your office; yourself, employees, and clients can feel comfortable in their space — which is the basis of success.

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